Tiny two-bed Twickenham terrace measuring just 7ft 9'' wide is listed for £620k (but the self-contained annexe could rent for £500 a week)

Imagine only having a couple of feet of space to slide off the end of your double bed in the morning. That is the reality for any buyer who purchases this two-bedroom terrace house in Twickenham, South West London. The narrow house measures only 7ft 9'' wide - the equivalent of 2.36 metres - and it is on the market for £620,000. The narrow two-bedroom property is in London's... read more

Mixed reception for new guidelines on transgender inclusion in sport

The new transgender inclusion guidelines for sport in Britain have been broadly welcomed by a number of sports and women’s organisations, including Women in Sport. However they have also faced criticism from LGBT+ groups, such as Pride Sports and Stonewall. The Guardian revealed on Wednesday that the five sports councils in the UK – which invest hundreds of millions of pounds in sport every... read more

Britain needs clear laws to protect LGBT+ people from ‘conversion therapies’

I n May, at the opening of parliament, the Queen finally announced that her government would bring forward legislation to ban the damaging practice of “conversion therapy”. These practices cause untold harm to millions of LGBT+ people around the world, leading many to believe the only way to deal with their psychological trauma and shame is to take their lives. These... read more

Covid cases rise as UK schools return and furlough scheme ends

Covid infections rise after schools and businesses return The number of daily new Covid infections in the UK has risen in the past month after the removal of most pandemic restrictions and as schools and offices reopened, fuelled by the Delta variant. The latest daily figures up to 30 September show that 36,480 people tested positive for Covid-19 across the UK, an... read more

Has the mystery of identical twins finally been solved? Scientists discover a 'signature' in DNA among babies born after a fertilised egg splits - casting doubt on the theory it occurs at random

It's a mystery that has puzzled scientists for years - why are some twins born identical and others aren't? While it was long presumed that identical twins occurred at random, a new study suggests that this isn't actually the case.  Instead, researchers from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam claim that it is down to a 'signature' in their DNA, which persists from conception to adulthood.   ... read more

Hands off, kids! Häagen-Dazs launches adults-only autumnal ice-cream flavours including Irish whiskey and rum salted caramel - but they're only available in October

Ice cream fans looking for a boozy treat will be delighted at the news that Häagen-Dazs is launching two limited edition autumn flavours with an alcoholic twist.  The ice cream giant is introducing two adults-only flavours as part of their Cosy Cocktail Collection - and just in time for London Cocktail Week.  Sweet-toothed fans will be able to dip into Rum Salted Caramel and Biscuit, and... read more